• Animalife Vetrocalm Growing - 900G

What is it?

Vetrocalm Growing is scientifically formulated to create a synergistic effect for behavioral support in growing horses. Contains key sources of high quality bio-available magnesium together with important C + B vitamins, minerals and amino acids. With natural peppermint known for its effect to settle the gut and enhance palatability.

How it works

Vetrocalm Growing offers supporting ingredients that help replenish levels of magnesium, which may have been lost due to stress, fear or anxiousness as well as providing a blend of amino acids to support a calmer healthy growth. As young horses are absorbing new environments and facing difficult situations, Vetrocalm Growing can help support the body’s physical responses and maintain calmness and performance.

What it does

Contains concentrated bioavailable ingredients at specific ratios shown to support calming and behaviour in growing horses, including magnesium, tryptophan and other important amino acids.

Easily digested, even during periods of stress.

Assists the young equine when dealing with new situations such as competitions, travelling or training.

Helps manage behaviour and performance issues such as spookiness, excitability, aggression and tension.

Ideal for young or immature horses.

Free from banned substances making it ideal for competition use.

Nothing compares with Vetrocalm, works like Vetrocalm or delivers results like Vetrocalm.

 How to use

Feed Vetrocalm Growing on a daily basis to help deal with spooky, excitable or nervous behaviour in the younger horse. For particularly challenging situations, such as during travelling, competition or changes of environment offer Vetrocalm Intense INSTANT as a boost.


Complementary Mineral Feed for Horses

Analytical Constituents - Magnesium 13.5%, Calcium 0.22%, Phosphorus 0.06%, Crude ash 67.5%, Sodium 2.02%.

Composition – Magnesium Sulphate, Magnesium Chelate, Sodium Chloride, Peppermint (0.5%).

Additives - Tryptophan 50,000mg/kg, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 2000mg/kg, Vitamin B1, 500mg/kg, Vitamin B6 500mg/kg, Vitamin C  5714mg/kg, Lysine 80,000mg/kg, Methionine 50,000 mg/kg.

Formulated with Specially Optimised Bioavailable Formula (SOBF) technology to ensure optimal absorption of the ingredients. Free from banned substances.


900g – 90 days supply*

*Based on a horse weighing up to 600kg on a daily 10g maintenance serve.

Maximise results with Vetrocalm Growing

In the field, professionals and Veterinarians have found that horses feel an effect in 2 – 5 days, while others may feel an effect in 6 - 10 days longer. For fast results, or for those in need, use a loading serve of Vetrocalm Growing for up to 7 days or until a response is seen

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Animalife Vetrocalm Growing - 900G

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Animalife Vetrocalm Growing - 900G

Animalife Vetrocalm Growing - 900G

What is it?Vetrocalm Growing is scientifically formulated to create a synergistic effect for behavio..

£49.99 Ex VAT: £49.99